Better TogetherSince 1960, RESOURCE has been empowering people to achieve greater personal, social, and economic success!

RESOURCE employment services provide comprehensive employment, job search and placement, and family-support services to low-income adults, laid-off workers, veterans, at-risk youth, teen parents, welfare recipients, and new Americans. These services ensure participants’ economic success, academic achievement, and family stability. (Services are delivered through RESOURCE’s Employment Action Center.)

RESOURCE career education services provide opportunities to achieve credentialed training in nine sector-based industries, career enhancement courses, assessment services, job placement and retention support for people with disabilities or other barriers to employment. (Services are currently delivered through RESOURCE’s Minnesota Resource Center.)

RESOURCE chemical and mental health services provide a full continuum of care and recovery-oriented services that are customized for the whole person. RESOURCE specializes in assisting individuals who have a history of relapse in addiction, people living with mental illness, and individuals who have dual diagnosis or co-occurring chemical and mental health concerns. Participants find personalized care. Services include chemical and mental health assessments, chemical health treatment, continuing care, and support services to obtain safe affordable housing, employment services or help building a supportive community.