Last year, RESOURCE helped nearly 20,000 individuals in their work to discover their potential and achieve their dreams:

  • 5,529 individuals¬†secured employment or entered career positions
  • Nearly 3,000 individuals and families moved from welfare to work
  • 6,246 benefited from recovery services
  • 83% of participants reported increased wellness
  • 469 achieved credentials to achieve higher wage jobs

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Here are the stories of 4 of our program participants:

Maurice found himself without a job in an economy with few opportunities. He received services offered by RESOURCE and landed a position with a real estate management company.

Valerie overcame drug abuse, prostitution, and homelessness through the services of RESOURCE. She is now employed and has volunteered at RESOURCE.

Rita and Calynn, both diagnosed with depression, sought out the services of RESOURCE. They now facilitate support groups for others facing issues they’ve worked to overcome.